Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Remember me

Peter Urban, Sensei

Frank Ruiz, Sensei

John Pachivas, Sensei

Don Nagle, Sensei - Shannon Trantham, Sensei - Sensei Louis Guzman, Sensei

A lesson which Karatedo endeavor to impart us all is that of remembering: remembering our roots, remembering our past; remembering that we are born of God's Spirit; and remembering those who came before us, laying the groundwork for our journeys.
If we forget the past, then we fall victim to cutting ourselves off from the roots which nurture us. If we forget those who came before us, then we fall victim to severing our ties from the very foundation stones upon which our human legacy stands. And, without a strong foundation, all structures will eventually topple to the ground.


by Helen Marguerite Price

Remember me when autumn leaves turn red and gold and brown,
And a gusty breeze blows through the trees and levees flutter to the grown.

Remember me when the winter’s chill brings frost and ice and snow,
And a crackling fire in the fireplace gives warmth when cold winds blow.

Remember me when the crocus pushes their head up from the earth,
And spring awakens sleeping flowers to give them rebirth.

Remember me when raindrops fall and quench a thirsty sod,
And help all living things grow, a blessing from their God.

Remember me when the stars come out and twinkle in the sky,
And clouds are memories floating ghosts as they go drifting by.

Remember me when the whippoorwill calls out its mate,
And the sound you hear so sweet and clear has a message to relate.

Remember me through all seasons, summer, winter, spring and fall,
May you be blest with happiness and good health through them all.