Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Marco Antonio Rojas Gómez, Sensei

Marco Rojas, Sensei Ovalle Chile
Marcos Rojas, Sensei has been teaching and inspiring students for many years. As a Sensei, he ensures that his students experience a quality Karatedo education. Rojas, Sensei’s dedication extends beyond the Dojo and far into the community where he supports community sports
He is a positive role model for his students and colleagues through his emphasis on sportsmanship and love of Karate. Ovalle is a small city of about 60,000 Marcos Rojas, Sensei is known throughout his city as a
passionate and dedicated teacher whose accomplishments and contributions to Karatedo education are above and beyond the call of duty. His present program emphasizes fitness, lifelong activities, charity, environment and community.

Marco Antonio Rojas Gómez
40 años

12 veces campeón nacional.
3 veces campeón sudamericano.
3 veces campeón torneo de contacto nacional.
23 años dedicados a la instrucción.