Friday, May 16, 2008

Eric Connolly, Sensei -Los Angeles, California

Eric Connolly, Sensei
Sensei Eric Connolly is a black belt under the instruction of Sensei Dan Reizner and is an honored affiliate of The Kokusai Koryu Gojukai Karatedo Association. He began his formal training in 1990 under Sensei Jorge Smith in Miramar, Florida. Shortly after beginning his training there, he was introduced to Sensei Reizner, and under the tutelage of both his Senseis, he started training vigorously in the pursuit of following his own dreams; to become a Sensei of his own dojo.
Sensei Connolly was an active competitor on many different tournament circuits such as: FAME, FBBA, FSKA, to name a few.
Sensei Connolly attained his rank of black belt in July of 1995 under the direction of Sensei Reizner. As a reward for his achievement he assumed teaching responsibilities of The Miramar-Civic Center Dojo the very dojo he began training in under Sensei Smith, and became a Sensei of his own dojo. He continued to play a strong role in assisting his Sensei at his other Dojos:
Miramar-Fairway Park Recreation CenterMiramar-Coceano Youth CenterPembroke Pines-Price Park Recreation Center
In 2003 Sensei Connolly moved away from his hometown Hollywood, Florida to Burbank, California where he actively practices and teaches Karate.