Saturday, March 22, 2008

Willie Hernandez, Sensei

Willie Hernandez, Sensei
A Sensei is the guide along a mountain path. Some Sensei’s are familiar with the lowlands; others can show you the entire way. The best Sensei has seen all his own weaknesses, and therefore has insight into yours,
This Sensei is Willie Hernandez
Willie Hernandez, Sensei in an 8th Dan in Kenpo Karate. He trained under Edwin Hernandez Okinawa Kenpo in December 6, 1973. Currently trains under Bill Ryusaki, Sensei and Cecil Peoples, Sensei. He is a member of the Black Belt board of Senseis Peoples Kenpo Karate Association of California.
He was a law enforcement officer and a member of the tactical team, were he worked for 26 years. A certified Police Academy Instructor training cadets and tactical groups. In addition he works for the K-9 unit. He has been highly decorated for his work.