Saturday, March 22, 2008


World Sansei Koryu Gojukai Karatedo Organization

Sansei Goju can be tracked through the years and broken into several distinct periods. The period where the Web Manager joined Sansei could be called "the FIU years". During the years that Hanshi taught at FIU there were a lot of strange happenings, and a lot of fun times. Twice during the FIU years, the FIU karate team, Team Sansei traveled to Puerto Rico. I cannot find any pictures from the first trip, and were it not for Sensei Boo Chung, I would not have any pics from the second trip. At least twenty people went with us the first trip, and at least thirty people went with us the second. If anyone has pictures from the first trip, or any particularly interesting ones from the second trip, please send them to us for inclusion.
During the first trip, an odd thing happened. After the tournament a couple of very kind members of Sansei Puerto Rico made a mercy run to the grocery store. None of us had made reservations for rental cars, and none were to be had when we got there. The long and short of the story is that a small group of us ended up getting kicked out of the Hotel's pavilion about two in the morning for various offenses relating to noise, and a suspicious number of empty Heineken bottles. We ended up on the tennis court. Somewhere about three a.m., the Sansei Song was born. Our first year's song would have been totally (and wisely) forgotten if James Bergman had not written it down. This abomination was created to celebrate Kyoshi Malanoski's promotion. It was a compilation effort from numerous people who will not be revealed, to protect the guilty.
As the guilty parties awoke the next day to much earned headaches, they were mobbed by people that had heard rumors of our efforts and wanted to hear the song. We, en masse, took the 5th amendment.
It was not to be. Kyoshi Malanoski had saved James' notes. I think that Jack Gold had to play that damn song 50 times before we could get to the airport and make our escape. Fortunately, I have not been able to find a copy of the song for inclusion on this page. If anyone finds a copy, please send it directly to the nearest incinerator for proper disposal.
The second year we went down we made many changes. There were twice as many of us, and we decided to make reservations. Consequently, we all got cars, and we got to stay in the same hotel. This time, Jack and I tossed everybody out of a room and took a little more care in the creation of the Sansei Song. It was much better this time. Below are some pics from the second trip, and a link to the song. I will try to hit the high points of the trip based on the pictures we have and the song.
Welcome to the Hotel El Faro! This is the pool area of the hotel. Honestly, this is a GREAT hotel. It was a little cramped, though, as the reservation computer decided that 36 of us could fit in 4 rooms.
This is the exit from the lobby. It was the primary hang out area for our group.
Off to the far right of the picture was the bar/restaurant pavilion that we were ruthlessly ejected from, thus preparing the way for the tradition of he Sansei Song.
This is a shot from the pool to the lobby. Sensei Jack was kept pretty busy with his guitar work.
This is a majority of the FIU group that went on the second trip. The notable exception to the group is "Too Tall Mango", a Sansei Brother from NY.
Sensei Mango had way too much fun on this trip.
Mango in the hat?

Day or Night...

Around the pool was defiantly the place to be.
We absolutely had a grand time. Despite the fact that we planned most of the trip well in advance, we hit the ground like a sack of kittens. Everyone scattered and had a series of grand adventures...most of which have been so mangled in the remembering that the entire trip reads like Gulliver's Travels. My personal favorite mini-adventure was when Eddie B got sick at the tournament, and he went to the hospital. Hanshi went to check on him and went in the wrong hospital door. He ended up in the morgue. You can imagine what happened when he asked to see the "guy they just brought in"... And Shelia may or maynot have mugged a doctor depending on who you believe.
Jack and I sequester ourselves for the heroic task ahead. We had to try to capture the chaos of the event, put it to music, make it ryhme, and do it all before the liquid inspiration did its work too well...
The San Juan airport was the unveiling of the song.
A copy of the song "Hotel El Faro" is available here.