Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quality not Numbers

On behalf of the International Brotherhood & Sisterhood of World Sansei, It is with both honor and humility that I present our new organizational path to you. As we introduce you to the history, traditions, principles and ideals of World Sansei and our work, I urge you to investigate our collective mission of social engagement and leadership development. I also offer you the following ....
The organizational experience is notorious for its pitfalls and sometimes it can be an uncomfortable environment. During our early years we encountered situations, people, communities and events that have challenge our fundamental beliefs and foster passionate debate about our place in the world of Karate do. We have grown - physically, intellectually and emotionally - as we determine our path and where it will lead us. During this journey we have been forever transformed. As we traverse that battlefield, however, we are aware of the multiple perils that lie in wait. From my own experience, I am painfully aware that the world of Karate can be stressful at times. Navigating through these experiences is not an easy task. Our Organization was founded, in part, to help in that exact endeavor. what do we do as an organization is to seek to further our development as you pursue your future - to serve as the catalyst for the reaction with which you will impact the world. Thirty one years since our founding, it is apparent that our mission - to this point - needs some changes, As we continue to work toward the promotion of our three pillars - Society, Brotherhood and Remembrance - in the development of a more equitable society within our organizational structure, we seek to train Men & Women who will not only join our efforts but will lead them, bettering our world - and themselves - in the process. As you consider whether you can fulfill the promise of World Sansei as a member of this close-knit Brotherhood & Sisterhood, I ask you to consider the following: What are your dreams? Who do you admire, either as role models or mentors? Where do you want to be in the future, be it four years or forty? What can you do to leave this world better than you found it? As you read this , consider the questions posed above. Whatever the answers may be, I am convinced that World Sansei can only aid you in those pursuits. I thank you once again for taking the time out to learn more about our new direction. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at :manny_saavedra@yahoo.com