Thursday, October 08, 2009

Life from a different perspective.

You're a newly born ant. As you grow, you help the colony build its home and ensure the future of the next generation. You understand this is what you were born to do. The world is how you know it, and because of this, you desire nothing more or less of it. You and your colony have explored every inch of this incredible land, and resources are abundant. You eat what you can find, you build what you can with the materials you have, and you thrive on the sun that warms you. Life is sweet.It's evident that the Invisible Shield makes sure the colony doesn't fall off of the world; without it, life would surely cease to exist. You thank it for its existence every day and hope it stays strong. Sometimes you worry because periodic vibrations rattle your home planet. Perhaps the Invisible Shield is weakening. This thought can spark panic and fear sometimes, but the vibrations are part of life, and you cope with it. The vibrations happened again today. Perhaps the Gods are angry. Unbeknownst to you, the sun is actually a lamp. The Invisible Shield is nothing but a plastic container, and the vibrations are simply the results of a human child rapping his finger on the walls. You're an ant in an ant farm, and your entire planet was bought for five dollars at a pet store. The humans give you food and building supplies and created the world you live in. The humans feel powerful, knowing that the made your home for you to live in. They watch you grow and build your colony every day, grinning in self-satisfaction. They may be smiling, but in a different galaxy, a different time, a happy little creature just purchased an Earth kit.
Afterthoughts: This perspective of life has been bugging me for a while, and I desperately needed to get it out of my head. Thoughts?
PS. I'm not saying ants can contemplate philosophy or belieive in gods. I also know many people view God as the creator of life, and nothing in the above scenario implies that humans created ants. It's just some stuff to think about, so please, take it easy on the technicalities because I know you're picking 'em out just as I am. Hope you enjoyed it.