Monday, August 17, 2009

Kat400 300 level 3 credits

This course will be covered in our next symposium..the Content Standards – Movement Forms, Cognitive Concepts, Active Lifestyle, Physical Fitness, Social Behavior, Respecting Differences, and Expression through exploration of Karate.

This standards-based course is designed to provide physical activity experiences that strengthen personal fitness levels. A variety of training and conditioning experiences can be presented, including isometric, isotonic, isokinetic, ballistic, aerobic, anaerobic, resistance, plyometric, and hyper speed activities. Additional components can include physical fitness (cardio-respiratory, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility), and the impact of diet, food, vitamins, supplements, and nutrition on physical activity and body composition. Emphasis is on the skills required to perform some movement forms at a higher level, and most at the mastery level.

Rules, etiquette, basic stances, blocks, kicks, and selected Katas will be introduced. Kata training will be used for this course. A variety of conditioning experiences will be presented including but not limited to just technique.

Prerequisite: instructor approval