Monday, August 17, 2009

Foundation and Personal Evolution

Foundationa and Personal Evolution

It is impossible for a narrow-minded or opinioned person to experience the beauty and profundity of forgiving and tolerating others. One person's insight can never represent the complete and absolute truth in the universe. Only an open-minded person with a bigger goal will be open to all kinds of opinions and be humble in his study of the world. Such a person knows he is but a translucent piece of jade or a clear drop of water in this vast universe. For an average person or even an average Karate Sensei’s, he might not even deserve to be called "a translucent piece of jade" or "a clear drop of water."
There are countless mysteries in this vast universe and even very high-level gods cannot understand them all and are amazed by what they haven't seen before. How can we blind ourselves with our own limited insights? How can we arrogantly declare that our own respective insights represent the whole truth of the entire universe?!
Each of us must have a good reason when we something or take an action although others may or may not be aware of this reason. Besides, we may not do everything perfectly since we are still in the middle of our development and evolution in life. How should we respond to our differences or fellow practitioners' flaws? Should we be indifferent to them because they have nothing to do with our own practice? Or should we complain in our heart, "How could he possibly fail to handle such a simple matter?"
Each of us has a different character and possesses different elements of matter. Each of us has foundations and the ways of thinking are also unique and different. Each of us has a different amount of virtue and karma. Each of us came from different families and received different education in school and in society. There are numerous differences between any given one of us, so how could we possibly share the same method to remove our respective attachments or share the same path?!
What should we rely on to perceive our fellow practitioners in this illusionary world? I think the answer is compassion. When compassion comes forward, he will appear to be kind, forgiving and considerate of other people. Compassion is a form of wisdom, accompanied by solemnity this is what I call enhance wisdom, improving our minds and elevate our realms. Studying traditional Karate should be a way we cultivate our compassion. We must study with a tranquil and pure mind. We must also drive our all interferences from our acquired notions, attachments or thought karma when we study the Karate.
When we become forgiving, tolerant and compassionate to some level, we will be less vulnerable to the illusions of the world. Only when we emit the energy field of forgiveness, tolerance and compassion will we be able to unite our powers. Meanwhile, the power of one-body will also grant us the magnificence of selflessness. Behind a giant mountain there is a greater one; behind the selfish realm, there is a great realm called selflessness.
Words do not do justice to these experiences. No matter where we are and what we are doing, we should maintain a tranquil mind and follow good Karate philosophy in everything we do.
Quietly tell those fellow practitioners who stumbled and fall in some aspects of their practice "Take care of you" and urge them to cherish the rest of their training!
Silently complete the work as a good Sensei!
This is not about you, it’s about that Art and Philosophy we teach.
Learn from others' mistakes and tell ourselves not to make the same mistakes.
Smile and remind ourselves one more time to walk each step well for the rest of our life development and training and to regard everything happening to and around us solemnly as parts of our practice.