Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World Sansei Life's Work

Karate Your Life’s Work

While I cannot tell you what your life’s work is in any detail, I can suggest a few terms to serve as a frame of reference while you are making your search. In your life’s work, you will find a mix of integrity, service, enjoyment, and excellence.

Integrity: Your life’s work is something you deeply care about. In line with your values and ideals, its something you can be proud to work for. Of course, it is important that your work not conflict with your values and ideals. More than this, a life’s work is born out of your visions, values, and ideals. It’s giving life to your ideals, anchoring them in the everyday world of action.
Purposeful, Meaningful, responsible, honest, truthful.

Service: Your life’s work is your way of making this world a better place. Its something you can make an important contribution to. We all want to give; to know that we do is benefiting others. Your life’s work is an opportunity to put your love in action. It’s your way of taking a stand to help your fellow man.
Helping, caring, loving, giving, contribution.
How can I make this world a better Dojo?

Enjoyment: Your life’s work is something you love to do, something your talents can find full expression through. If we enjoy our work, we are sure to bring our creativity and enthusiasm to it. If we do not, we are sure to get burnt out, frustrated, resentful, or indifferent. Not matter how noble the ideal or seemingly valuable your service, you must bring joy to it if you are to be truly successful. Work without joy is a chore or a bore. Channel your creative powers into meaningful contributions.
Talents, creating, joy, gratitude.
What do I love to do?

Excellence: Your life’s world is something you can give your all to. Something you can describe yourself to. The dancer has his/her body pain, the writer struggles and racks his brain, the craftsman sweats every detail, and the musician has his endless scales. Always quality has its price. It takes extra effort to make it nice.
Dedication, persistence, determination, quality
What can I dedicate to enough persist to excellence?