Saturday, April 05, 2008


This letter is to all whom it concerns

The Art and the Organization above the Artist

For a tree to proliferate the branches must grow to gather nutrients for the trunk. There are no favorite branches and all are loved, all are part of the living tree. Some branches will survive the winter, some the rain, some will bend with the wind and some will break. Some of the branches will plant seeds. All are needed and are viewed as part of the one, part of the Toa, the natural order of life. It is within this natural order of life that all things must follow, and we as USA Goju-Ryu lineage must learn to work together one way or another.

We will use the following analogy as a beginning point, as an understanding of our Karate, our discipline, or family united by thought and technique. In this scenario the family of USA Goju-Ryu began in the mind of its founder in the United States, with the thought of giving us the opportunity to express ourselves in movement in the further development of the intrinsic and extrinsic way of the hard and soft. He was a pioneer in the way of modern combat systems. Understanding that the roots and the trunk of this tree are the foundation in the developing of modern Goju-Ryu Karate in America and the brotherhood to which they belong. All branches which have developed throughout the years and all its practitioners, thereafter, owe our birth to Sensei Peter Urban.
Some would recognize that many of the systems of Karate are the absolute true system or the predominant way of thought in a particular style, however, the strength within this art form known as Goju-Ryu is in its diversity, its modernization, and its adversity. It’s the principle of dualistic reality, in simple terms all systems must exist and coexist in order for any one system to exist.
Today our organization has been split up into many factions, not all of whom see eye to eye. However, there are many greats and many unknowns. Our goals and objectives in Karatedo is the same in that of the Toa. You cannot deny some of the differences of life or in Karatedo there will always be those or that which do not understand and those who do. The key, the objective is to achieve harmony. Every system has a base, an originator, and many propagators. All Karatedo are fundamental, your approach, your philosophy, and how you practice and teach your art makes the different. USA Goju-Ryu and all its branches is what it is today because of its leadership worldwide, its strength, and diversity. Every major city has a Goju-Ryu Dojo. All share the same common goals, to heighten the awareness, to show responsibility to the community, belief in human potential, to instill in its practitioners the importance of the work ethic and self actualization of the individual. Here in America we have come full circle, we began as students, we have gone through the ranks, we have paid our dues, we have battles fought and lessons that we’ve learned from our teachers. We have also questioned them, we are not complacent, and we live in current reality and are critical thinkers. We are educated, we are modern traditionalist. We do not follow blindly, nor do we teach blindly, we seek to produce leaders, not followers, now we ask, “Is there a better way.”
The misconception is that the art form we study is an art form that is owned by a country or race, this is far from the truth, Karatedo is an international possession, a human possession.

We are waiting for a few of the leadership to say enough is enough and work in unity against those who have always been against our organization, we have always had to fight that fight, the so called traditional fight.

Gichin Funakoshi Sensei always said the most important aspect of Karate is the development of character. What is character in terms of the philosophy of Karate-Do? Character is simply exercising discipline, exhibiting honor, duty and self-control, and continually adhering to humility. Without character and a strong foundation, nothing of substance can be accomplished. To develop character is to understand life.

I like to be the first to say call me I want the atmosphere of unity to begin now. 1-786-623-8802
United we can do so much more

The ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart.

Manny Saavedra