Saturday, December 18, 2010


1. We shall always practice and study.
2. We shall always be humble and kind.
3. We shall always be courteous.
4. We shall be quick to seize opportunity.
5. We shall always practice patience.
6. We shall always believe that nothing is impossible.
7. We shall discard the bad.
8. We shall keep the good.
9. We shall always be loyal to: Ourselves, Karate, Family, Community, and Country.

Love is our law.

Truth is our worship.

Form is our manifestation.

Peace is our shelter.

Nature is our companion.

Order is our attitude.

Beauty and perfection is our life.

You know, life is full of imperfect things… and imperfect people.

The world seems to be full of imperfections. We often wonder why people engage in such activities. There is no tenet prescribed in the law books of the nation and scriptures that is not violated by almost every person around us. We wish to live a life of peace and harmony, yet the circumstances of realities of the world are such that we are always fighting against the people who seem to follow only the wrong path. Karate philosophy shows us to bend with the wind and go with the flow

Often we feel that perhaps our society has the problems which do not exist in the world out there. Thus people move from one part of the world to another part of the world in the hope of finding an ideal place to live. Yet once they start living in any society, they soon come face to face to face with the reality that even the chosen society is far from perfect and often worse than the one they left.

Sometime, we seek to make an ideal world of the people around us and try to make an ideal family and friends. However, as the family expands and kids grows , we find that even the family soon become far from perfect despite of all our effort. We come to the end of our life and realize that all our attempts to make the world better have hardly resulted into any visible change.

Our entire life is passed in the hope of the living in a perfect world for which we sacrifice our present by living miserably accusing everyone else in this world for our unhappiness. Yet the world continues to be what it has always been.

The world too is like the curly tail of the dog. However hard you try, you can never straiten it. People from the time immemorial tried make the world an ideal place to live yet the world continued to be as it ever was.

The fault does not lie with the tail as it was always designed to be curly for the reason unknown to man. The fault is the mind of the man which wishes to change the design of the nature and make a curly tail of the dog as straight.

The Imperfect Concept of A Perfect World

The world has been designed as perfect, yet man in his own wisdom thought that he can make a better world. He first defined a perfect world and then forced the world to fit into this shape. For some time, it appeared that the world is changing and perhaps we could see an ideal world as per the model of perfection made by man. However, soon the world proved to be too powerful to be changed. It again came back to its original shape with a bang.

History is full of men, who tried to make an ideal and perfect world for the humanity. It was promised that if everyone follows their preaching, the world can become perfect. Yet they world forgot their messages soon and followed the path opposite.